inward by yung pueblo


aloha, amigos!

I’ve been slaving away creating wedding crafts (countdown: t-minus 44 days, sos) so I haven’t been able to get 3% of the reading done that I would have usually. Seriously tho. Last year, I read 59 books or some shit. This year, EIGHT. Call the police, lock me up, throw me in the loony bin. This is a goddamn SIN, I TELL YOU. However, I’ve been trying to squeeze in some time in between pulling my hair out over wedding garbage to try and read as much as humanly possible. If I could read while I was sleeping, this wouldn’t be a motherhecking issue. Anyways, I scored a free copy of “inward” by yung pueblo, and I’m here to let ya’ll know about how amazing it is. Fasten your seat belts, ladies!

“inward” is an anthology of poems written by yung pueblo, and I love the shit out of it/him. If you’re a fan of rupi kaur, stop what you’re doing and put this book on your amazon wish list. The official copy won’t be released until September 25, 2018 (I’m special) but the second this baby hits the shelves, it’s going to sell out. Mark my words. Here’s my ultimate favorite poem penned by pueblo in this collection:



Like, okay, pueblo, we get it. You’re a genius and I love you and I want to crawl inside of your brain for a day and just chill in there for a bit. You know, cuddle with your cerebellum or some shit. I love you, did I say that already? Listen to pueblo: heal yourselves, people! At least give it a shot! The universe is watching.

Set an alarm on your phones right now. Do it, I’m waiting. Because the second the hand strikes midnight on September 25, hop onto ol’ amazon and pick up “inward” before the rest of the world does. And once you’re finished, come back here and let’s chat!

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♥ G

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