Dear Mr. M by Herman Koch


TWO WORDS: STUPID BOOK. This book was like a big, shitty tornado, wasting your time and throwing dumb characters and story lines in your face until your whole view of the book is flipped upside down and you just want it to fucking end. Told through alternating perspectives, the characters are each focused on one event in the past that has unknowingly linked them all together. However, getting through this book is like having your teeth ripped out sans anesthesia. Usually stories that are based on murder-mystery/who-dunnits are fast-paced and have me racing to the finish line, however Koch somehow managed to draw the whole thing out entirely too long and bore me in the process. It was a physical hassle for me to finish this book, which is incredibly disappointing because I thoroughly loved Koch’s The Dinner.
The novel takes place in both present day and the past, and focuses on one main event that happened years ago. As it turns out, Mr. M wrote a “fictional” novel based on the event and made a shit ton of money off of it. But what Mr. M doesn’t realize is that his neighbor happens to be one of the people that were involved in the story years ago when it actually happened. Confused? Cause I sure as shit am. Koch bounces between character to character explaining their sides of the story… yet he rarely mentions any of the narrators’ names. Which adds even more to the total and utter confusion. In layman’s terms, this book was overly-complicated and could have been half as long. Me no likey.


PS, I haven’t reviewed in forever. We finally moved into our new house and I have my own FREAKING LIBRARY NOW. And then I came down with the fucking plague and lost 87,000 brain cells in the process. I’m back, babies 🙂

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** I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review **

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