Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten


“Every day thousands and thousands of people die. Some know it might be coming- they’re sick or old, or their lives are dangerous. Some don’t have any idea at all. They wake up and don’t even bother to think, this is a day, because it is the same as the thousands that came before it and the thousands they think will come after. None will come after. Sparks fly, a fuse has been lit, it’s burning down the wick, then kaboom. I am not religious. I am not a spiritual person. But there is something sharp and beautiful about this. It feels like it means something. I close my eyes and say good-bye to those who know it is coming, and especially to those who don’t.”

Holy moly. If you’re a fan of a good old plot twist like myself, fasten your seatbelts because boy oh boy do I have a book for you. Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls is unreal. I left my book at work last night and since I’m a psychopath, actually bought it on my kindle just so I could finish it before bed. I physically could not fall asleep without knowing how the story ended. That’s how big of an impression this story left on me and I tend to be super critical of books, if you have failed to notice that by now. Basically, Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls focuses on a high school girl named June as she deals with the aftermath of her best friend Delia’s suicide. BUT WAIT. Did Delia really kill herself? June is all like:

i dont think so.gif

June physically cannot believe that Delia killed herself. Sure, they had a falling out a few months prior, but things couldn’t have been that bad… right? You think you’ve got it figured out and then BAM. Everything you thought you knew was a lie. What I loved most about this book is that you don’t see literally ANY of the plot twists coming. I was completely blindsided by so many parts of this book and I absolutely loved every second of it. IT’S AMAZING. The ending made me want to riot and burn down a village, tho. Only because it’s left to your own interpretation and you’re kind of left hanging. Just give me an exact fucking answer, guys. COME ON.

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7 Responses to Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten

  1. I love the fact that you bought the kindle version after leaving your book at work…. Bookworm problems am I right? I love books where you get blindsided!! Great review!

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  2. Monica says:

    Great, another one to put on my list!!

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  3. I have this weird habit of going through bookstores and taking pictures of the covers of books so I can add them to by TBR on GoodReads and I came across the photo of this book in my phone. I WANT TO READ THIS SO MUCH NOW. I wanted to read it before, but now you have me extra motivated to go out and get my hands on a copy. Or two, in your case.

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