The Mermaid’s Sister by Carrie Ann Noble


“We must not dwell on what will or will not be. Today is all we have, my dears. Today is all we ever have.”

Wait- did you guys just hear that? That loud, popping sound? Oh shit, sorry, that was just my heart exploding into millions of tiny, miniscule pieces. God damnit, this book just made my ever-growing list of favorite novels. I finished it in less than a day; it’s one of those books where you’re forced to cancel your plans because you can’t focus on anything else but the story. I want all of you to read this. No, I need all of you to read this.

The Mermaid’s Sister takes place in 1870 on Llanfair Mountain, located in Pennsylvania. It focuses on three main characters: two sisters, named Clara and Maren, and their brother O’Neill. All have three very strange stories of how they we’re born and how their parents inevitably came to find them. You find out early on that Maren is slowly turning into a mermaid, inch by inch and scale by scale. The story follows Clara and O’Neill’s journey to get Maren to the ocean where she belongs. They encounter all types of elves and magical creatures along the way, as well as some not-so-favorable characters that try to hinder their adventure. This book is FILLED with magic and my Harry-Potter-loving heart was exploding with joy page after page. Seriously, this book reminded me so much of a fairy-tale version of Harry Potter that I struggle putting the book down even so I could run to the bathroom. I didn’t eat for like 8 hours and I LOVE FOOD. That’s pure insanity.

I’d like to mention one of my favorite characters of the book, one that I feel doesn’t get the attention he rightfully deserves. Clara and Maren have a pet wyvern. What’s a pet wyvern, you ask? It’s a motherfucking DRAGON, GUYS. But they trained him to act like their domesticated house pet and I need one. I don’t care what if I have to dress up one of my cats as one. I will have my pet wyvern. And I’m going to name her Debbie the Dragon.


Debbie the Dragon

For real tho, this book was just spectacular. Its central theme was accepting people for who they really are, and I think that’s a lesson even non-mermaids could stand to learn. It’s about not stressing the small things and to never take for granted what you have in front of you. I wish I could time travel to last night and start this book all over again. It’s was heartwarmingly beautiful, and everything comes to a perfect yet still shocking ending. Also I want to frame the cover and hang it on the wall above my computer, isn’t it absolutely beautiful?

Click here to buy the book.


Remember, guys. Always be yourself. Unless you can be a mermaid, then always be a mermaid.


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  1. Monica says:

    Thanks for the review, I will be adding it to my list. Sounds like it’s right up my alley. Now, go eat some food!

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