August OwlCrate


AWWW YEAHHH, it’s that time of the month again, sugas! The mailman brought my OwlCrate today, although it would have been cooler if Hedwig dropped it off. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, OwlCrate is a book subscription service. For $29.99 a month, you recieve one book and anywhere between 5-10 other book related items, like jewelry, notebooks, bookmarks, etc. They stick to a certain theme every month, August’s being Fast Times at YA High, how adorable. I’ve joined just about every book club on the internet and OwlCrate is the best one by far. Now let’s unveil this bad boy, shall we?


It’s like Christmas came early.

SO MANY GOODIES. Honestly every month I’m more and more suprised at just how many items OwlCrate gives you each month. $29.99 is steep, but when you realize exactly how many items your’re receiving it all makes perfect sense. The book alone is usually worth about $15.


Look at this little guy! A dinosaur notebook printed on 100% recycled paper? You shut your damn mouth. It’s the perfect size to keep in your purse. If you’re like me and refuse to use your phone for notes, this little notebook is every bibliophiles dream. AND it’s covered with dinosaurs.


baes ❤

Another thing I would like to point out. I’ve been signed up for OwlCrate for about four months now, and all four of those months I have received something Harry Potter related. This month was no exception. They gave me this cute little poster which you best believe is going up on one of my four bookshelves, and the most adorable pin. I can hear Trelawney wailing “HOGWARTS IS MY HOME” every time I look at it. LOVE.


look at that cute ass necklace.

This one is for all you Rainbow Rowell fans out there, which there are millions of. I have yet to read Eleanor and Park but I do have it on my bookshelf currently. I’ve only heard wonderful things about all of Rowell’s books, and I’m genuinely obsessed with her name tbh. OwlCrate included a cute little poster advertising Rowell’s work, as well as an adorable Eleanor and Park necklace with a cassette tape accent. I have to read that book ASAP so I can adorn my neck with that bad boy stat.


Also included this month was an Adult Coloring Book with stress relieving patterns. I hear the words “stress” and “relieving” in the same sentence and I immediately perk up: girl has got some major anxiety over here. This isn’t just a small, half-assed coloring book. It’s over 30 pages long and all of the patterns are intricate as hell. I just purchased one from Michael’s a few weeks ago and now I’m super pissed at myself. The one I purchased isn’t nearly as detailed as this bad boy.


And now on to the grande finale. The book of the month is P.S. I Like You by Kasie West. The book centers on two high school kids and a series of handwritten letters, hence the cute little dinosaur notebook included in the box. Also included are a pack of colored pencils, the autograph of the author, and a personalized note from West explaining why she wrote the book. It’s interesting to see a different side from the author compared to only reading their work and nothing else. It’s a very personable experience and one of the main reasons I decided to stick with OwlCrate versus the others. Also I just thoroughly enjoy getting a monthly packaged filled with books and book accessories.

If you guys have any other questions about OwlCrate feel free to email me! It’s an awesome subscription service and I won’t be cancelling mine literally ever. Never ever ever.

Subscribe, nerds.


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  1. Annika Perry says:

    Oh, wow! I love surprises and this OwlCrate packs a whole bunch of them in one box – yeah! Nifty idea! Great post and thank you for sharing. 😀

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