Under the Harrow by Flynn Berry



When someone tells me they found a book that reminds them of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, I immediately stop listening to whatever bullshit is spilling out of their mouth because I’m too busy buying said book on Amazon. Give me an insane plot twist featuring a beautiful, psychotic lady and I am set for life. That’s exactly how I found out about Under the Harrow by Flynn Berry. I was casually scrolling through Facebook the other day when I stumbled upon an article claiming “FLYNN BERRY IS THE NEXT GILLIAN FLYNN” and “MOVE OVER GONE GIRL, UNDER THE HARROW HAS ARRIVED” … hence the immediate scramble to purchase the highly praised novel. And mehhh. Just mehhh.

I struggled to finish this bad boy in three days, and that’s saying a lot. The book is only 219 pages, which is something I usually finish in half of a day *humble brag*. Part of the reason this book was difficult for me to get through was the setting. The story takes place outside of London and the language is completely different than our basic, half-assed, slang ‘merica-talk. They actually use correct, pretty words. It was frustrating having to stop at every other page and research what a certain word meant, only to find out it was something simple like “street” or “cove” or fucking “chair”. This was only a minor detail, and I was able to overlook it and push onwards through the book.

The book is suuuuper slow. The first 75% of the novel completely drags, scattered with a few random shocking tidbits as you push on. I  absolutely despise reading a book that fails to keep my attention. I would find myself reading two or three pages without actually absorbing any of the words I had just glossed over. This happened frequently through out this book. The plot jumped all over the place and it was extremely difficult to understand exactly what the fuck was going on. I’m usually not so critical but I’m super pissed I just spent three days of my life reading this book and have pretty much no clue of what the fuck just happened.

The ending is pretty neat, tho! Definitely shocking, but nowhere near the jaw-dropping, head-spinning turn of events that takes place in Gone Girl. I want to find the author of the article I read the other day, the one claiming that this book was going to give Gillian Flynn around for her money, and smack them upside the head with my Under the Harrow book. THAT REALLY GRINDS MY GEARS. UGH.


If you’re looking to spend too much time on a book that’s unevitably going to disappoint you, click here. Maybe I’m just being to critical. Read it for yourself. Or don’t. Don’t do it.


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