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I’ve been slaving away creating wedding crafts (countdown: t-minus 44 days, sos) so I haven’t been able to get 3% of the reading done that I would have usually. Seriously tho. Last year, I read 59 books or some shit. This year, EIGHT. Call the police, lock me up, throw me in the loony bin. This is a goddamn SIN, I TELL YOU. However, I’ve been trying to squeeze in some time in between pulling my hair out over wedding garbage to try and read as much as humanly possible. If I could read while I was sleeping, this wouldn’t be a motherhecking issue. Anyways, I scored a free copy of “inward” by yung pueblo, and I’m here to let ya’ll know about how amazing it is. Fasten your seat belts, ladies!

“inward” is an anthology of poems written by yung pueblo, and I love the shit out of it/him. If you’re a fan of rupi kaur, stop what you’re doing and put this book on your amazon wish list. The official copy won’t be released until September 25, 2018 (I’m special) but the second this baby hits the shelves, it’s going to sell out. Mark my words. Here’s my ultimate favorite poem penned by pueblo in this collection:



Like, okay, pueblo, we get it. You’re a genius and I love you and I want to crawl inside of your brain for a day and just chill in there for a bit. You know, cuddle with your cerebellum or some shit. I love you, did I say that already? Listen to pueblo: heal yourselves, people! At least give it a shot! The universe is watching.

Set an alarm on your phones right now. Do it, I’m waiting. Because the second the hand strikes midnight on September 25, hop onto ol’ amazon and pick up “inward” before the rest of the world does. And once you’re finished, come back here and let’s chat!

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Bad Girls with Perfect Faces by Lynn Weingarten

Bad girls with perfect faces.jpg

If you’re stuck in a book rut like I was, I’m going to need you to immediately stop what you’re doing and listen the heck up, son, ’cause you’re about to sprint to your nearest Target to scoop this bad boy, do you understand? my LAWDY-LAWD, Lynn Weingarten is a creepy little angel baby and I wanna take an ol’ look-see inside dat braaiinnn, ya dig? Not only did she write this mindblowing little gem, but she’s also the author of one of my top reads of 2016, Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls (see my review here). She’s back with a vengeance and besides this fantastic cover art, this story is going to rock your socks off, and then on, and then back off again once more. Buckle your seatbelts, ladies and gents!

This was my first book purchase of 2016, and because I was wasting my fucking TIME reading the Red Crown series I never had a chance to start it. I immediately sent a picture of the book to my fellow Lynn Weingarten loverbabies and had yet to hear anything back about it. That is, until I received this message:


she meant girls* not good but shut up, she was violently excited about this goddamn book.

That was the precise moment I knew I was royally fucking my shit up by continuing to force-read another bullshit dystopian series. I immediately stopped Red Crown and scrambled into the next room to my library, desperately searching through piles of books for Weingarten’s newest gem. and HONEYS, KATIE WAS RIGHT. I shit you not, I started that book at 10:00 PM, went to bed, woke up before work to read some more, and finished it during an “extended” lunch break. And by extended, I mean I refused to do any more work until I finished the goddamn book. Work can eat a dick. I read this baby in 16 hours, and that’s including 8 hours of sleep and half a work day. I. could. not. stop. Here’s a little synopsis for you, boo boos:

When Sasha’s best friend, Xavier, gets back together with his cheating ex, Ivy, Sasha knows she needs to protect him. So she poses as a guy online to lure Ivy away.

But Sasha’s plan goes sickeningly wrong. And she soons learns to be careful of who you pretend to be or you might be suprised by who you become…

Told in multiple points of view, Bad Girls with Perfect Faces is sexy and twisted, with shocks at every turn.

I haven’t experienced a book like this in a damn long time. You know the kind: you physically cannot do anything productive unless it involves your eyeballs on the pages of the novel. Lynn Weingarten, the inside of your mind is a beautifully terrifying place. I will read every single book you put out into the universe and spend days obsessing over each one with my friends.

To buy the book on amazon, click here. If you’re currently halfway out the door on your way to grab a copy ASAP, I got mine at Target so head straight there, onward you go! And when you’re finished, come back here and let’s chat the fuck UP about it cause MY MIND IS STILL BLOWN AND IT’S BEEN TWO WEEKS.

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Red Queen Series by Victoria Aveyard

Oy vey, where to fucking begin. I waited to read this series for several reasons, the main one being that the fourth book doesn’t come out until May 15th of this year. I heard this series was shit-your-pants amazing and patience is no friend of mine, so I knew I had to shelf the whole series until the last book release was closer. Fuck me running. I started the first book (Red Queen) at the end of December. It’s now March, and I’m halfway finished with the third book (King’s Cage). There’s a reason I don’t trust any human’s opinion on anything, and this is a PRIME EXAMPLE WHY.

The idea behind this series is dope as heck, but ya’ll got this girl’s hopes up. People were puking its brilliance all over the darkest corners of the interwebs when in reality, it’s just… a decent series. GASP. That’s right, I said it. This is also coming from a girl who has reread Harry Potter 97 times and has permanently deemed it untouchable, so take that for what it’s worth.

Quick little run down of the series. It’s the fUuUuUture, and there are two main income levels/social statuses. The poor people (they have red blood, boo) and the richy-rich (they got that silver blood, that good shit). The Silvers have magical abilities, like telekinesis and fire/water/element manipulation. The Reds are the worker ants of society and get shit on constantly. They’re normal people who barely survive a day at a time. Enter Mare Barrow. She’s a Red, she has red blood, but alas, this crazy bitch can manipulate electricity better than a toaster in a bathtub. People find out, shit gets weird, and that’s where I’m at currently.

Like I said before, the premise of this book is fantastic. Victoria Aveyard has a spectacularly creative mind and I would pay big bucks to bounce ideas back and forth with her. My issue was that I had so many people hyping this book up for Y E A R S that by the time I started it, I was expecting another earthshattering, magical series like my boy Potter. Not gonna happen. This is my own fault, I knew this was going to happen, why am I like this.


I would still give it a shot, but go into it without gargantuan expectations like I did. Everything is so much more enjoyable when you’re not expecting anything life-changing, you know? Buy the first book here, or go balls deep and buy the first two books here.

*Editors Note: there are four books in this series. I’m not including the two novellas written as well because novellas are garbage and can only dream of being big girl books one day like their adult counterparts.

Read the series? I’d love to hear your opinion of it. Yell at me a bit, slap me around some. It’s fun for me.

See ya, homies! ♥ G



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Awww shit, it’s life update time.

I’VE GOT SOME BIG COOL NEATO NEWS! But first things first. If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that you all must have thought I finally bit the big one. Sleeping with the fishes. Dead. Finito. Considering my last review was in August and I proceeded to ghost you immediately afterward, it’s 100% understandable. But jokes on you fellahs cause I’m alive and honestly, just chronically lazy.

Since August, I’ve spent a lot of my limited free time planning my wedding. And since I’m a vicious control freak and refuse to ask a single living soul for assistance, I haven’t had as much time as usual to write reviews. Wahhh. This brings me to the main reason behind this update.

Just over six months ago I wrote an article for Buzzfeed detailing the reasons why wedding planning is total bullshit. Fuck ya chair covers, Cynthia the wedding planner, they’re garbage and I hate them. One of my main examples of the bullshit-ery that is wedding planning was the cost of wedding flowers. Oh, I’m sorry, you want me to spend $2000 on goddamn plants just so when you’re wasted at my reception you can feel like your inside, what, a greenhouse? Why? I need to know why. I might as well use my money as kindling for a hobo barrel fire in the parking lot of my local Phillip’s Flower Shop. Sorry, Bridezillas: this girl has a gambling addiction she needs to fund. After spending an ungodly amount of time on Pinterest, the cute little lightbulb in my head went off. What if I made my own flowers out of recycled book pages? I obviously love books, and hot glue guns are dope. And that’s how this fun little endeavor of mine came to fruition.

After I made a hefty batch of flowers, I brought them to the attention of my fiance. I’m positive he thought I was lying when I said I made them, so that was a super neato feeling YA KNOW?! This completely inflated my ego and led me to several shops selling flowers of a similar sort to the public. My fiance, the Canadian capitalist, encouraged me to open a shop of my own. And that’s exactly what I did.

I’m thoroughly excited to announce the opening of my literary-themed floral marketplace, lovetextmagic. I’m offering a variety of different styles and pieces, from singular blossoms to kick-ass centerpieces. Any and every color is available, and I will be taking bulk orders for people like me, the brides and grooms who cannot and will not ever justify spending thousands of dollars on fucking flowers. Ch-ch-check it out! ‘Cause if you don’t, this is going to get suuuper awkward. And if you choose to support a local starving artist by making a purchase, use the promo code FEB18 to save 10% on any order over $25.

Feel free to email with any inquiries. You want flowers made out of the entire Game of Thrones series? I gotchu. Flowers made out of comic books? Hell yeah, let’s do it. You want every single color of the goddamn ROY G. BIV rainbow? I hear you, and I see you, and I love your beautiful little mind, you creative masterpiece of a human.

Don’t panic- I’m still going to be writing book reviews. I’ll be reviewing the Red Queen series sometime in the very near future, mainly because I’ve got some strong words for you people who COMPLETELY overhyped it for me and let ya girl down hard as hell. So rude. How dare you.

Stay tuned! And in the meantime, check out my shop mmkay! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, might I suggest printing out some pictures and casually leaving them around the house in eyesight of your significant other? Subliminal messaging is real and you best use it to your advantage.

I love you all. Kissy kissy.




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The Changeling by Victor LaValle

thechangeling (1).jpg


This beloved little gem of a book fell into my hands in the most delightful of ways. My mother went to NYC to visit my younger brother, and they scored some free tickets to The View (I’m already seething with jealousy at this point). While at the taping, fucking KWEEN Whoopi Goldberg went through the bestseller’s list and gave every member of the audience six of the top books of the year (jealousy has reached max capacity). Fast forward to my LOVING MOTHER wearing 4 jackets and 3 pairs of pants in LaGuardia Airport in order to get those suckers home in her carry-on, because my family is thrifty and we’ll be damned if we’re paying $60 to check our goddamn luggage, you ignorant fools. When she got home, she split the books between myself and my fellow book-loving sister, and it was like goddamn Christmas all over again. And that’s exactly how The Changeling fell into my lap, and changed my shitty little life for the better.

THIS BOOK. Ugh. How does one explain The Changeling, honestly. It’s like Grimms’ Fairy Tales mixed with the magic of Harry Potter, combined with the raw emotion of Jane Austen. I physically c-a-n-n-o-t explain how much I enjoyed this medley of fucking literature. Let me explain.

The story follows Apollo Kagwa, who was abandoned by his father at an extremely young age. All that Apollo had left of his father was a box of books marked “IMPROBABILIA”. Flash forward to the future, and Apollo is happily married to his wife, Emma, and they have a beautiful newborn son together. Life is fucking peachy. That is, until Emma loses her shit and commits an unspeakable act, and is never to be seen again… or so you think. The rest of the story follows Apollo’s odyssey through New York, through both physically real and imaginative lands, on a mission to find his wife. The quest takes a turn when Apollo runs into a man who claims to know the whereabouts of Emma, and shit fucking hits the ACTUAL FAN. And its goddamn glorious.

This book is better than your typical, run-of-the-mill classic fairy tale. Victor LaValle is skilled in the art of making you feels things you weren’t aware your cold, dead heart was capable of feeling any more. His writing style is emotionally devastating in all the best ways, and I truly cannot recommend this book more. I want to stand on top of a mountain and scream it to all the land. READ THE CHANGELING. Marry me, Victor LaValle. You beautiful little bastard.


Click here to buy The Changeling and shove your nose in it ASAP. Then come back here and tell me how much you enjoyed it, too.


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